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Hi people. Just here informing my watchers that if you follow momo's tumblr, i(or she) will hardly post anything on there. Its mostly because i kinda hate tumblr right now. Before now, it was kinda controlling my life. I'll tell you how.

Every nite before i went to bed i checked tumblr so i wouldnt have much notifications in the morning. I woke up, checked tumblr, got ready, checked tumblr, gathered my stuff for school, and then  checked tumblr 1 last time so i would have as much posts to look at when i got home from school.

I get home from school, go straight to my room, check tumblr and it has like 200 post that i of course looked at for an hour so i could catch up. And i would repeat this everyday all before in this month. Until the other day i thought i needed to know everything that was going on with my favorite mh oc characters. But i know now that i dont.


I will NOT make my watchers who are friends of my series to go to tumblr and have to check it out. If anything happens in my mind that is important, i promise i will tell you. The only thing you might not know is that jake asked momo to the ball and they are kinda dating now. OH and he has a tux for the ball. It is black, white, and red. It matches momo's dress pretty well.

ANYWAY that is all, i have decided that i will post a momo's journal and the stories once a week if not more starting between September 29-October 1. i hope you guys look forward to that, and if you have any questions on anything, i will gladly answer them unless they are too tooo personal.

OH WAIT!! I also want to remind you all of me doing commisions, i still accept them. Just note me about it.

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Submitted on
September 24, 2012